The building and construction sector received a boost in an attempt to alleviate incessant building collapse in the country with practical on-the site training of professionals in the sector that ended in Lagos last week.
The training which was organized by the Association of Housing Corporation of Nigeria, AHCN was designed to fill the vacuum created by unavailability of training institute that could be used to sharpen the skills and expose young professionals to practical aspect of building and construction post NYSC programme after school.
The training was characterized with practical demonstration on the site and participants were acquainted with methodology of site preparation and layout, building setting out and sub-structural (foundation) work to equip them with what to look out for when supervising artisans on site.
The training also equips participants with ethic and administration as well as standard and control mechanism in building construction. S
Participants were also exposed to site reconnaissance, land survey strategy, soil properties and site peculiarities in determining construction methodology and strategy to be adopted in construction site.
The events which were facilitated by experienced and seasoned facilitators also dwell on personal and professional conduct as well as professional competence and acceptable performance and behaviour expected of professionals to arrest corruption and compromise of some professionals in project supervision.
According to AHCN Executive Secretary, Toye Eniola, the practical on-the-site training also exposed participants to various details of some construction tenets that are neglected by professionals arising from wrong orientation in the profession and inadequate exposure to appropriate methodology in building and construction.
The training focused extensively on integrity as bedrock of professional ethics to enhance and sustain quality housing delivery thereby transforming the face of construction sector and reducing incessant building defects and collapse in the sector.
The events was rounded up with visits to some existing estates in Lagos to expose participants with the finished works and reality of what has been done on site to enable them assess and compare their practical experience with what they see during the site visitation.
The module two of the training programme which will feature sub-structural works and strength stability mechanism will come up in a forth night.