National Technical, Sales Manager, Nigerite Limited, Banjo Abimbola (left); Managing Director, Asiwaju Agbomeji and Sons, Alhaji Agbomeji Monsuru; Managing Director, Nigerite Ltd, Mr. Frank Le Bris and Chief Executive Officer, David Excellence Ltd, David Shaleye during the Company’s interactive meeting with distributors at Lagos Airport Hotel, Lagos.



Nigerite Limited will continue to partner with its numerous distributors across the country on ways to strengthen their relationship and further boost the growth of businesses between both parties.

The hint was dropped during Nigerite Distributors Forum held at the Lagos Airport Hotel, Lagos, last week.

Speaking at the occasion, National Technical Sales Manager of Nigerite, Abimbola Banjo, an engineer, said that the forum was to create a win-win situation where both the distributors and Nigerite could further expand their businesses and make good profit.

Banjo noted that the forum was an opportunity to get feedback from the distributors, look for possible ways to serve them better as well as to showcase the company’s new product, “KalsiCeil Batten”, an alternative to wooden tie rods.

According to him, the forum, which started in Lagos State in July, would continue in most of the cities in South West region including Ogun State and Ilorin, Kwara State.

“As part of our marketing activities and strategy, we have decided to be having regular meetings with our distributors to know how they are going about their businesses, to know some of the challenges that they are facing and to know how we can assist them in improving their performance and to get feedback generally about our products,” he said.

Banjo further expressed optimism that the relationship between Nigerite and its distributors would bring out growth and expansion in their businesses.

Apart from that, the company, he said would invest in a new line of products and equipment, which would go a long way in its expansion drive.

“We are going to improve on our network too because increasing the turnover and the output, you have to expand your scope, so we as a company, are trying to expand our scope, get some more distributors in some other areas and ensure that we achieve our predicted turnover” Banjo said.

Enumerating the benefits accrued to the distributors like giving themshelter, appreciating them with Long Service Award for those of themthat have stayed with the company for over a decade and above, Banjo addedthat the management of the company would speedily address all thechallenges raised at the forum so that the relationship between bothparties would continue to be a cordial one.

Speaking on behalf of the distributors, Ade Shaleye, an engineer, thanked the management of Nigerite Limited for the forum and expressed optimism that all the challenges raised at the meeting would be resolved by the company.