Nigeria’s real estate sector is evolving at a tremendous pace with the sector still beset by several challenges which have hampered it from realizing its true potentials. Real estate companies and professional real estate developers have also been on the rise in a bid to fill the housing deficit gap.

However, integrity, professionalism, sincerity, transparency and gratitude to business clients, employees, government, and community are just few of the qualities that have and will continually separate the chaff from the grain on the real estate terrain.

One company that holds immense promise to stride that sphere with the audacity of a colossus is Esso Properties Limited;  a trusted, reliable, innovative  and creative property company delivering first-rate, affordable and secure property ownership for both the top and low income earners in the society.

With its ingenious and pragmatic approach, the company has been steadily growing both in size and value, gaining the confidence of Nigerians as the real estate provider of choice.

With a lofty goal of delivering 2,500 properties by the end of 2021, Esso through a combination of entrepreneurial spirit, professional excellence, and in-depth understanding of the demand-supply dynamics in the real estate industry has so far been able to deliver projects in Lagos and Awka, while expanding its reach to Enugu, Owerri, Asaba and Abuja. 

Founded on principles that form the essence of its operations, Esso Properties Limited is not limited in its scope of service delivery, catering also to Nigerians in diaspora, Igbos in diaspora, foreign investors and expatriates, civil servants, private sector employees, business owners and bankers, with secondary audience as realtors/agents, real estate companies, and marketers.

Esso is focused on carving a niche for itself as a trusted, reliable, and friendly real estate entity, having sufficient general property investment and real estate market experience as well as the requisite knowledge required to undertake property development, with sights on breaking new frontiers in the industry providing optimum services at affordable rates and flexible payment option.   

The fundamental creed guiding Esso’s operations is hinged on excellent service delivery aimed at positioning the company as an emerging force in the industry. This is amply buttressed by Esso’s bold initiative of establishing the Esso Academy where journalists on the real estate beat will be trained in the art of real estate reporting; the very first of its kind, titled ‘The Esso Properties Champions Orientation Program,’ (ECHO), with the inaugural class scheduled to take place between April and May, this year.

With Esso’s range of services including land acquisition, residential property sales, commercial property sale, house development, structured buildings, real estate consultation and Esso realtor academy, it is crystal clear that the company is advancing further from the conventional norm in real estate business, taking cognizance of sustainable development by investing in young real estate managers through its Properties Academy, which will be the Season 2 of the Academy series and it is to enable them build  individual dreams. 

One of the things that stands Esso properties out in the pack is its resolve and ability to rise up to some of the challenges that have bedevilled the real estate sector for a long time now, some of which are the issues of validity and integrity of land document, how authentic the claims of land speculators and sellers are, given the fact that there are so many cases of land disputes as well as cases of fraudulent and multiple land sales by individuals and families.

In a bid to put an end to this anomaly, Esso properties has chosen to rise to the challenge by providing a system that ensures a peaceful transfer of land rights and documents to potential buyers in its belief that it ordinarily should be a thing of joy and not grief buying a land or house. 

With a vision of spreading its estates across the breath of the country, some of Esso’s estates are; Berry Prime Estate in Lagos intended for high net worth individuals; Esso’s other properties in different choice locations in Lagos are Summer View Estate; a unique property located in Epe, and a model intended for affordable, low-cost development, while Sunray Estate located in Eleko is a model intended for middle income individuals. Others are located in Ibeju and Abijo. The company also has three properties in Awka, located at Wonderland, Amansea, and Agu Awka. 

Two of the estates, Berry Prime Estate in Agu-Awka and Sunray Estate in Amansea Awka were launched last month  in pomp and pageantry at Parktonian Hotel Awka , Anambra state and apart from the special appearances by the Esso brand Ambassadors, Nollywood veteran Pete Edochie and Charles Okocha, the Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Uchenna Okafor also graced the occasion.

By Segun Adebowale, a Media Consultant wrote in from Lagos.