Apparently to halt the decaying infrastructure at the foremost choice estate in Victoria Island in Lagos, the property managers of 1004 Estates Limited have promised residents that the asset replacenent funds dedicated to effect restoration will soon be put to work use.
The estate managers informed its residents and stakeholders that the present situation of no water and poor unstable electrity supply on the estate due to the present mismanagement by the residents association is nearing its end .

According to the company, the group of persons who forcibly invaded the estate on December 5, 2015 has exposed residents to severe distress of persistent service failures whilst collecting service payments and having no interest in delivering any services.
Only two of the 12 indicted leaders, which procured the illegal police men for the forcible invasion of this group after investigations by the police have now been arraigned before a lagos court for the ćriminal offence of forcible entry.
The other persons have not deemed if fit to appear in court to answer to these charges whilst still in illegal continued occupation of the facilities and equipment of 1004 estates ltd .
These indicted persons and their agents and appointees are presently evading arrest and efforts by the police to effect their arrest yesterday were disrupted by those who are thus preventing our required access to repair these destroyed assets in our water and power plant on the estate.

A statement by the company said: “This selfish actions of a few fellow residents now keep the majority our residents in a state of perpetual distress without water and electricity or security and have led to several complaints that 1004 estates ltd honours our contractual obligations to provide services on the estate.

“We expect to immediately replace once we are able to gain acess to the damaged water treatment plant (which functioned under our management )and the damaged two of our 5 no. 200kva generators to immediately ameliorate the sufferings .

“The personal motives and obvious financial compromises responsible for the sufferings being meted out to our residents despite the service payments made will be reasonably reconciled when our normally efficient services are resumed soon.”

By Marc Philips