With the vision to deliver excellent investor value, a real estate investment company, 3Invest Limited is set to host developers and investors as part of plans to kick-start its innovative model Real Estate Investor Network (REIN).

REIN is a nexus of real estate Investors with the mission to kick start real estate investment, grow their portfolio and find real estate deals to create valuable and sustainable wealth.

It will be recalled that 3Invest launched REIN in 2013 with a view to closing the funding gap in quality real estate investments and connecting investors with developers for secure business transactions.

The event, scheduled to hold on March 2, 2016 in Lagos, promises to be an exciting networking enterprise and a rewarding information-gathering platform, as it would help developers to pitch investment portfolios to individuals and organisations.

REIN, which has recorded over 150-membership base in 2016, will also enable real estate investors to kick-start their investments and seal real estate deals in order to create sustainable wealth.

Managing Director of 3Invest Limited, Ruth Obih, says plans are in top gear for the REIN Investor Forum which was conceived as a revolutionary model for secure real estate investment and to bridge the information gap for investors.

She said:“The primary cause of investment failure in the real estate industry is that the investor goes into a negative cash flow for a period of time that is not sustainable, often forcing them to resell the property at a loss. If your investment is solely income producing, you can yield instant equity and profit on your investment. The REIN platform addresses this pitfall.

“The REIN investor forum promises to be an eventful networking enterprise. We are reinvigorating the network with a common purpose to create a sustainable plan for both investors and developers. It’s a free platform for middle and high-income earners or anyone gainfully employed interested in real estate investments. Participants would grow their portfolios, find property deals, fill funding gaps, receive free real estate investment advisory services, make secure investments and get informed about the trends in the industry.”