Bill Endsley, Principal at World Citizen Consulting, and Thomas Cardman, Director of Operations and Finance at Michael Consults, will be the focus of attention when stakeholders gather for the FIABCI International Real Estate Consultants (FIREC) programme this week.

This year’s edition of the  annual programme, which is to be hosted in Lagos, Nigeria on September 26 & 27 by the FIABCI-Nigeria Chapter, promises insightful discussions that will touch on both global and local real estate issues.

FIABCI, an acronym for International Real Estate Federation, is an international real estate organization whose membership cuts across 65 countries of the world. It recognizes the import of ease of doing business as a catalyst for attracting foreign direct investment (FDI).

According to Adeniji Adele, President, FIABCI Nigeria Chapter,  the organization is a platform for learning, networking as well as harnessing immeasurable experiences and opportunities.

It is expected that the international speakers at the FIREC programme will be bringing global perspectives to the endless search for solution to the problems of this sector in Nigeria.

“We were careful in the choice of our speakers for this year’s programme. Besides networking, participants will be availed the opportunity of gaining more insights on how to the approach the many complex challenges we have in real estate in Nigeria,” Adele assured

Adele pointed out that FIABCI, as an association of professionals, always takes interest in what happens in the economy, especially as it affects the business environment in which they operate.

He, however, canvassed public private partnership in dealing with the identified challenges in the business environment, contending that government alone cannot solve the problems because of other demands of governance such as health and education.