In a bid to improve its service delivery and leveraging on gains of automation, Lagos State government has introduced online planning permit service.

The new initiative is designed to optimize its planning permit process. The system has been development to enable citizens and customers apply over the internet and enjoy accelerated service towards the grant of planning permits fo developments within the state.

It is a known fact that procedure for obtaining approval for building plans has been cumbersome, time-consuming and impacted on mass housing development.

The new e-Planning Permit is supported by Lagos State Government, World Bank and Ecobank Nigeria Plc as part of e-Government, and promoted by the State’s Physical Planning Permit Authority (LASPPPA). A planning permit is a legal document that gives permission for a use or development on a particular piece of land.

The authority is saddled with the following responsibilities of processing and issuance of all planning permits in the State, subject to the provisions of 2010 Law, physical planning regulations, approved operative development plans and approval orders as well as monitoring and ensuring compliance with the provisions