An enlarged Corporate Affairs Committee (CAC) of the Nigeria In­stitution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV) has been inaugurated at its National Secretariat. Publicity Secretaries from many branches were present and other members too. It was a full house. Everyone was geared up and ready to work.
It will also be recalled that NIESV has last year inaugurated a 31-mem­ber committee on cor­porate affairs saddled with the responsibility of propagating the good image of the institution before the public.
The committee which will be chaired by the National Public­ity Secretary, NIESV, Charles Ebiai and his assistant, Monday Ahiwe, will ensure that the activities of the institu­tion are broadcast be­fore the public.
Speaking at the in­auguration ceremony in Abuja, the President of NIESV, Dr Bolarinde Patunola Ajayi tasked the committee to proj­ect the good image of the institution to the public.
“The CAC is a very fundamental commit­tee of the institution and it is very dear to my heart. In my 5 point agenda, one of them is the public perception and image of the insti­tution and I promise to support the commit­tee in ensuring that the public perception of the institution is correctly positioned in the heart of the public. We will spare no effort to en­sure that the image of our profession is largely improved.
“All our publications and anything coming out from us to the pub­lic should be in sync with the vision of reposition­ing our institution,” he said.