Less than three years after commencement of operations, Northcourt has been awarded the real estate advisor and consultant of the year in the Euromoney Real Estate Awards 2016.Euromoney is the world’s leading organiser of conferences for cross-border investment and capital markets for portfolio and direct investors, financial intermediaries, corporations, governments, banks and financial institutions.

Northcourt also emerged as the best property valuation company in Nigeria and came in second place winner for real estate research and agency/letting.

In the African rankings of the same awards, Northcourt took the second place for both overall best real estate advisor and consultant as well as for real estate research.

This is a steady improvement for the company who came in second place in 2015 for the overall best real estate advisor and consultant in Nigeria and seventh place in Africa.

For the past two years, Northcourt has dedicated meaningful resources to producing Nigeria real estate outlook and half-year reports which have significantly aided in reducing the opacity of the Nigerian real estate market as attested to by Nigeria’s recent improvements in the global real estate transparent index.

The company is led by three graduates of the faculty of environmental science of the University of Lagos, who have distinguished themselves with professionalism and dedication. Tayo Odunsi (CEO and Director, Real Estate Advisory) leads the team along with Osagie Alfred (Director, Real Estate Services) and Debo Ibironke (Head, Construction Management).

On receiving the news of the awards, Tayo Odunsi (CEO, Northcourt) says “This is very much needed encouragement for us. The price of professionalism and excellence sometimes seems too expensive in this region and it often appears like no one notices or appreciates the difference we are seeking to make. We utterly believe the property market in Nigeria and West Africa should be less opaque and better structured so we come to work everyday with a drive to play a big role in that grand vision. Coming in second place last year was a good boost for us, but we really didn’t expect to come first the very next year. We are absolutely excited and fired up to continue and improve on the good work”.

Northcourt is a real estate investment services company focused on real estate advisory, research, development, brokerage and facility management with operations in Lagos and Abuja.