The Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV) has elected Dr. Bolarinwa Patunola-Ajayi as its new president. Prior to his induction, he was NIESV’s first vice president and Lagos chairman of the Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria (APBN).

At his inauguration, Patunola-Ajayi urged the federal government to restructure its programme on housing to ensure that houses being constructed are affordable to Nigerians.
He observed that most Nigerians cannot afford the houses being built presently, stressing that if government reforms its programme on housing there will be enough housing for the masses.
He said: “The government should inject money into housing and power, these are projects that will generate quick employment for all the masses. The situation in the country presently is really tensed, Nigerians need a programme that will give relief to them. By the time some of these projects are kicked off, activities will start and by the end of the year when we are accessing we will see that things have really improved”.
He promised to ensure that the institution becomes a household name under his leadership. “Our job is in the area of property management, valuation, facility, project management, estate agencies”.
The 22nd President who stressed the need for government to appropriate more funds for capital projects especially for power and housing said, “When I saw the proposed budget, it is obvious that there is need for a re-think on putting more into capital project, especially on works and housing, the government should move in any way they can to produce houses for rent.
“The Minister of Works, Housing and Power, Babatunde Fashola is really trying, though ruler ship is a matter of delegation of authority, he should be able to manage all the ministries. Works, power, housing are all connected, all he needs is synergy for those managing the sectors, when they come together on the same drawing board they can map out strategies on how to put things in place for national interest.”
Patunola-Ajayi emphasised the need for government to hit the ground running, regretted that the budget has not been sorted out. “It is money that drives everything, until money is allocated, contractors are mobilized, then we know that work has started. In fact when there is no money they won’t even start the contract process. In accessing the government presently, there should be money on ground and budget ready, but with what is on ground now there is nothing to access.
He urged the federal government to involve professionals in land administration and management adding that the institution is ready to see that all land parcels, houses, titles, are well managed. People can have access to land, use their land to access loans either to buy land or to do their business.