Lagos-based Pazino Real Estate and Engineering Company has rewarded some of its agents under the Pazino Business Network (PBN ), a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme.
The event was part of the one year Anniversary /Award ceremony held in Victoria Island, Lagos. Members of the network and consultants went home with gifts including car, lands, cash prices and other packages .

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Patrick Agbaza, said, “The scheme is basically another arm of marketing products and services, in this case, real estate products such as, land and houses and at the end of the day, whatever is due to the marketers, is cascaded down and they earn their commission in bulk.”
Agbaza said, the company is involved in a lot of projects within Ibeju Lekki, including the Master Villa, Amazing Grace Ville, Citadel of Dreams, Atmos and Vices among others. We are also working on a new project that will be launching soon, called, Celebrity Ville, which is going to be an estate that will house celebrities from all walks of life, “it is going to be a classy affair,” he said.
Revealing how the company is surviving in this recession era, Agbaza said, “There is no situation where people don’t make money. Recession as far as I am concerned, is a thing of the mind, as real as it is. There are a lot of people who will even insist that recession should continue, for example it is not possible that people will not invest in properties, it is like asking how a food company is making money in a time like this, it is the same thing with the people making clothes, these are the basics of life, people must buy them at anytime no matter the situation, the problem with a lot of people is that they look, but do not see, but I tell you this is the time to look and see.”
Encouraging people more, Agbaza said, “the university of Benin, where I studied political science, you were given the impression things would be rosy once you graduated, but we came out and discovered it was not so. I was never one of those who looked forward to a job, I have always been driven by the desire to be an employer and not an employee, in fact, I detest it.”
He continued, “today I am in the engineering line, I always saw education as a building block of life, even before I went to the university. Since I left university, I have never worked one day except for when I was involved in politics at a little level in Edo where I grew up, beyond that, for over 17 years now, my life has been involved in civil engineering.
“I have attended a lot of civil and real estate courses, both here and abroad, which have taught me much of what I know today.
Finally my unyielding passion is what has kept me going. I am a very consistent, dogged and a believer in what I do even when the results are not coming initially.”

Pazino Real Estate and Engineering Construction company have over 13 Estates in the ibeju -lekki axis of Lagos, which includes Akodo Peninsula Gardens, Adora Gardens‎, Aster Homes n Parks, Gardenia homes, and Garden,Heaven’s Paradise, HIlls Gardens, Beech Gardens n Homes, Citadel Dreams Gardens, Almonds and Vines Phase1, Almonds n Vines Phase II, Amazing Grace Gardens, Amazing Grace Garden phase II, masters Villa and several others with a plan for another mega estate launch with its Brand Ambassadors in the coming weeks.

By Ijeoma Nwachukwu