Following uproar over the demolition of houses to create corridor for the Abuke Egba flyover, the Lagos State Government, through the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, has clarified its position on the Right of Way to be established for the construction of Reinforced Concrete Dual Carriage Flyover Bridge at Abule Egba junction.

The clarification was contained in a release issued by the Ministry in response to a newspaper publication alleging that the State Government unilaterally reneged on an agreement with residents in respect of the agreed 32metres setback from existing electricity poles.

The release explained that the State Government is only implementing existing provisions of Federal Highway Regulations as contained in the Public Land Acquisition Act and gazetted by the Federal Government for Lagos – Abeokuta Expressway Right of Way.

It emphasised that the said 91.44 metres as contained in the Removal Notice spans from the Centre of the Existing Road (45.72 metres on the right side and 45.72 metres on the left side) and not 91.44metres from existing Electricity Poles as contained in the report.

While urging the public to disregard the allegation, the release noted that the 1000 houses reported as being demolished are fences, buildings on setbacks, illegal structures and unapproved attachments to buildings.

The issued statement however reiterated that members of the Public whose property may be affected by the road extension but have valid claims, should forward relevant documents to the Ministry for review and other administrative purposes.