The residents of 1004 estates are lamenting the collapse of basic services like regular water and electricity supply or good security since the association forcefully took over the management of the estate.

The residents are infuriated by their constant dehumanization by the 1004 HORA management as a result of the Brown and unhealthy water that has been pumped into their flats for over eight months . The estate water treatment plant has obviously been crippled from the series of incompetent handlers and effect of three failed contracts to replace the plant filters by the Hora which the recently fired General Manager operations admitted in emails were a disaster due to the several friends introduced by the hora officials to be given the jobs.

Ironically it has recently come to light that the plant filters had just been replaced by 1004 estates ltd and the contracts we’re not necessary in the first place. Residents with children have several complaints of water poisoning and skin rashes due to the water supplied by 1004 hora on the estate. To make matters worse the water supply is unpredictable and inconsistent, with residents having to now fetch water from outside the premises.

Their electricity costs have gone through the roof as they now spend three times their usual monthly expenditures due to the new meters introduced by the residents association which several tests by some Indian residents have proven to have been programmed to run faster . A recent revelation shows that 1g4 never paid for the meters which it fully charged residents for and left a debt of N 22 million to the supplier.

The Hora committee recently also admitted to an outstanding unpaid debt of N50 million which is also owed to Eko Disco by 1g4 still hanging over the estate.Some Residents who have been paying dutifully to 1g4 want a refund the illegally deducted N 72 million to their accounts and a police investigation of the Hora officials involved in the 1g4 company.

Residents have come to see a vast difference in the security services previously provided by 1004 Estates Ltd, which were tight and prevented unwanted outsiders with no business within the estate. The enforcement of all the estate regulations which prevented not only all night parties and commercial activities within the residential flats but ensured respect of the health and safety of all residents .
The burglary and car thefts on the estate under the watch of the security company and their very poor security performance over 16 moņths on the estate and its preference by 1004 HORA leaves a sour taste in the mouth as the safety residents has taken a back seat for private monetary considerations.

Virtually all the lifts in all the high rises have broken down and residents sometimes now find themselves climbing the stair from 10 to 14 floors up in darkness after a hard days work. A contractor who craves anonymity and has been working on the estate since the former management and presently under the Hora committee laments debts and delays in payments for services legitimately provided whilst several spurious payments are immediately paid, the previous management never demanded for kick backs, you just do your job and get paid.
All these new guys want are kick backs from contracts and don’t care about the resident welfare. Most of those behind this group are either retirees or unemployed without any discernible personal finances .

The residents all want the Hora to hands off the management of the estate in view of their sufferings on the estate and the terrible conflict of interest of 1004 hora being both the service provider and service consumer . Some Residents have formed a residents forum and others a residents advocacy group to quickly resolve the issue and rescue the estate.

The indictment and arraignment in court of the hora leaders for forcible entry to illegally take over the estate is a strong reason driving for an end to the present failure and incompetence and restoration of the legitimate management.

By Ijeoma Nwachukwu