By Hakeem Ogunniran Managing Director, UPDC plc.


Find the right Customer

• Competing in a crowded market is suicide.

• Continuous segmentation of potential customers is key.

• Focus on identified segments / customers

Key Drivers of Segmentation

• Social Class

Income, Occupation

• Benefits

Customer Values and Preferences

• Lifestyles


• Geography

Distributions Channels

• Personality

• Family size



1.Sell What People

Want To Buy (Right Product)

2. Get Customers’ Insights.

• Determine which housing variants they want

Terraces;      Detached      houses;      semi detached      houses; flats; Bungalows etc.

With or without servant quarters

• What Recreational Facilities do they value?

Number of parking lots / visitors car park; Children play area; Swimming pool; Gym, lawn tennis court etc.

• What is their budget / what can they pay for a particular type of offering (value proposition)

• What services & facilities can they afford to pay for: 24 hours facility management; Provision of electricity with back-up power supply and PHCN); Water Supply; Security Services; Fumigation; Refuse Disposal; Sewage System Management; Gardening and cleaning Services; General maintenance

• Location

Certain locations or ambience may be more convenient

• Price

Some customers will buy the lowest- priced product; others

will buy the product they feel has the best value.

• A solution

The product solves a problem that no competitor solves

• Quality

This relates to how well the product is built.

• Features/ Benefits

The customer considers one feature or benefit particularly


Ascertain The Reason For Purchase

•  Performance

Most people will buy products that work best.

• Comfort

This is especially important for busy executives and

middle aged.

• Image

The product can reinforce the image customers have for themselves, allows them to feel good or impress people.

• Relationship: Some customers buy because they like the way the company

does business

• Services:

Backup service, correspondences (Demand notices, Acknowledgement, customer complaints resolution)