In a recent survey of real estate agents, they were asked one simply question. This question was: “What do you think is the biggest reason real estate agents fail?” Here are 10 answers received from the agents included in the survey. (Note, we received hundreds of answers. These 10 answers simply represent a snapshot of the responses received.)

  1. “I think they fail because even if I hand leads to agents, give them the tools to convert them to clients and train them on what to do after they become clients, the majority of those that are in their first 3 years do no want to do the work to make the money that is available. Maybe it’s not because they were lazy, they just didn’t like the types of things they needed to do to be successful. The agents on housing sites that simply sell the client that walks in the door, for instance are usually terrible when taken off site and are expected to convert the leads on their own. Therefore, it’s not the practice of real estate transaction.”
  2. “Very simply, Agents do not treat their business as a business. They themselves are the business.”
    3. “Real estate agents wait for clients to come to them, instead of being proactive.”
    4. “Lack of discipline to prospect!”
    5. “No real way to market themselves and what they have to offer a client.”
    6. “They don’t follow-up.”
    7. “Not having a good business plan.”
    8. “They come into the industry without a large Sphere of Influence. It is very hard to get going without contacts”.
    9. “They don’t follow a proven system.”
    10. “No action and FEAR. We fail to market ourselves and we fail to get and use proper resources to market ourselves. At least that’s my problem.”