The Visionscape Sanitation Solutions has restated its commitment to fulfilling its part in the Cleaner Lagos Initiative (CLI).

The company also expressed its willingness to work with with PSP operators in Lagos.

Visionscape’s Head of Corporate Communications, Motunrayo Elias said this during an interactive session with journalists in Lagos.

She said that over 100 PSP operators had joined Visionscape to aid waste collection in the state.

“Our plan is to service all the residential areas in the streets of Lagos state. We have a lot of black spots or illegal dump sites in the states. We want to clear all the black spots before moving into the residential areas”, she averred.

Elias appreciated the PSPs for all the work that had been done before Visionscape arrived. She said the company was willing to work with the PSPs
“We are willing and we have made progress and we will all work together, ” She said.

She however noted that though the organisation commenced full operations in January this year some progress had been made.

She said that Visionscape was embarking on advocacy programme at grassroots level

The Head of Planning, Visionscape Sanitation Solutions(VSS), Kiran Reddy during the interactive session revealed that revealed that the waste management company had cleared 2000 of the almost 5000 illegal dumpsites in Lagos.

He said that approximately illegal 5000 dumpsites also known as blackspots were found during a baseline study of the state.

“We found approximately 5000 black spots with waste from five tonnes to 150 tonnes and we have cleaned up approximately 2000 black spots. We rented trucks, used pay loaders just to clean these dumpsites”, he said.

Highlighting other implementation efforts of the organisation, Kiran informed that, over 15 000 bins have been distributed across the state and by the end august over 20,000 galvanised bins would be distributed. He noted that 4 million plastic bags had been distributed to residents of Lagos state. He said that 10 million plastic bags will be distributed before the end of the year.