Frontline real estate firm, Zama has partnered with Landwey Investment Limited, to expand its presence to industry professionals, simplify the home buying process and empower brokers with tools that could help them work smarter.

  Through the strategic collaboration, all Landwey agents and brokers would benefit from a data driven platform that empowers them with data and inspiration to advise clients and market their portfolio in a more professional manner. The platform would also help guarantee listing exclusivity and more efficient system of interconnecting agents with geo-tagged properties and investors. 

   Essentially, the partnership will pave way for Landwey Investment Limited to make available properties for market and for listing while Zama would provide the technology and efficient process for buyers to acquire the properties using technology.

   The founder and chief executive officer for Zama, Mr. Abdulhakeem Sadiq who spoke during the official announcement of the partnership in Lagos, explained that the initiative as well as the ‘ZAMA App’ was designed as a one-stop platform to bring cohesion to the market, stressing that it’s an example of how tech-savvy African entrepreneurs and experts are harnessing global smart techs and efficiencies to create lucrative opportunities by solving historical challenges.

    Sadiq said: “We reached out to Google to grant us access to a back-end API to edit their map and integrate to our platform to literally put properties on the map. It was an investment we knew was necessary for the market and subscribed to. Currently the platform is focused only in Lagos with the goal to launch it in other local markets in Nigeria and rest of West Africa. The application is available on Google play and it’s free.”

  “We are excited to partner with Landwey because it’s clear that industry professionals in Nigeria are looking for new affordable and efficient solutions to attract and retain clients. With Zama, we’re putting the power in the hands of professional agents using technology to offer real estate solutions. Landwey has proven track record in transacting in the local market and plans to launch fantastic projects in coming months. The partnership is driven by a mutual desire to simplify the home buying process and empower brokers with tools to work smarter. Zama would also provide support services like mortgage and others to meet the needs of the market”.

   With peculiar problems in the Nigeria’s property industry, Sadiq stated that introducing a process driven by technology would greatly enhance credibility, ease of transaction, and enhance the validity of property valuation and process of finding a reputable agent to work with in selling and buying of properties. According to him, for the industry to progress, innovations have to come into place before regulations.

    Also speaking, the CEO of Landwey Investment Limited, Mr. Olawale Ayilara said the partnership would advance the activities of the company and the industry landscape in Nigeria. In particular, he noted that it would resolve the lack of transparency in offline property transactions in the country noting that property technology is the future of real estate business in Nigeria.

  “The best way to attain transparency is to go online. Buyers won’t opt to buy what they didn’t see. Through the platform you could ascertain the credibility of what you want even before buying. There are many tools that would be used in the platform and one of  them is Google and platform that could vet the agents before the property is listed on the platform.”