Investors of the Plush Magodo GRA in Lagos have lamented the recent allegations on some serviced plots of land allocated for the proposed Plush Magodo GRA Phase 1 estate located in-between Magodo GRA Phase I and II, Isheri, off Berger, Lagos. 

According to one of the investors, Mr Oyewole Olurin who described himself as one of the subscribers’ for the Plush stated that ‘Three of us seated here today are a representative of another eighteen members of this upcoming project. We are residents of the neighboring estates who decided to invest in this project and before investing in anything, one has to do its due diligence before making monetary commitments.

Frankly, I was shocked to read in the news the allegation and claims by the Magodo CDA about the land been a greenbelt, gorge or swamp and also that the land development has led to landslides, which have resulted in the loss of lives and property. This is purely fabricated, the malicious reports are misleading, misrepresenting and misdirecting citizens and the general public at large.

The Gateway Zone Community Development Association are beneficiaries of the government estate and so are we. What we bought was an approval in principle as other permits and documents are awaited before we resume construction on the said land.  

As we have shown you the images, distance, bearing and coordinates, including documentary evidence, you can see that we are nowhere near the gorge. The gorge stands on its own and is not obstructed by our proposed development. Therefore, we employ the Chairman of the estate and Gateway Zone CDA to desist from the harmful reports they are circulating in the media. Any further occurrences on this by the Magodo CDA will result in our filing a defamatory suit.

Mr Olaolu Oladipo, another major investors on the Plush, also commented on the issue stating ‘When I decided to purchase plots of land on the Plush by the WAVL Properties Limited presented us with the Lagos State Gazette no 11 Vol 30 May 1st 1997 dully signed and also states that the land resides with the rightful owners who it was allocated to. We were also shown the survey plans which was also issued and approved by government agencies. The land is a ‘freehold’ and not a gorge or swamp as described.  We are also appealing to the New Town Development to show restraint on the intervention of such issues, we employ appropriate investigations to be carried out before supporting libelous claims or conclusions’.

A legal practitioner, Mrs Titilayo Kola also expressed her displeasure in the land issue, ‘I have visited the site, and it is nothing at par with all negative stories circulating the media. I would advise that the Magodo CDA and the successors of the land title meet and sort out their issues outside of the media, in other to avoid bringing unnecessary disrepute to hard working Nigerians’